social practice art

flower therapy

a series of zines and workshops aimed at teaching guerrilla gardening techniques, unexpected uses for plants, make-and-take bouquets, and how to be the best steward for your flower patch. the zine is a collection of recipes, poetry, art, little-known floral facts, and crafts designed to help participants get in touch with nature.


queer kitchen collab

q.k.c. explores the ritual and community-strengthening nature of sharing food. recipes often become something akin to a family inheritance passed down through generations- q.k.c. collects and shares recipes from the lgbt+ community in order to create heirlooms for a found family of identity rather than biology. 


South Side Indy Ink

South Side Indy Ink is a pop-up 'temporary' tattoo parlor, setup and treated like the real thing only with skin-safe tattoo markers in place of needles. Participants select from pre-drawn flash designs, each based on a different South Side Indianapolis neighborhood, in order to get people to think about neighborhood identity and what it means to display pride in your hometown.